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Sep. 10th, 2007

Almost Decision Time

 I am seriously thinking about shutting my LJ down.  No one reads me, I don't post much anymore because no one reads me, I read several other posters but unfortunately I am not allowed to make comments.  So why should I bother?  I know my LJ is my place and it shouldn't make a difference if people read me or not.   I am going to let this sit for a few days and see how I feel later.

Jun. 21st, 2007


I suppose I should make a shop at Etsy and get busy selling the jewelry I have made.  I'm just not so sure I have enough to sell and I really don't know that anyone would want to buy it.  I guess this is something I really need to investigate and decide if I really want to do this. 

May. 31st, 2007

Moving Forward

That is what I am doing.  After a year of living with this apartment looking exactly like it did a year ago during that horrible part of my life, I have rearranged the living room and tonight the bedroom.  I feel so much better.  It's like a new start.  I am working on the angel cabinet now, just can't seem to get the damned glass clean.  I worked for almost an hour on it and it's still streaked.  I'll get to it again tomorrow with some vinegar.  I have to get the rest of the stuff put away though.  All this crap sitting around is driving me batty.

Going to bed now.

May. 13th, 2007

Mother's Day

I had a very nice mother's day.  I went to Damien and Brad's for lunch.  Yummy as usual.  I felt like a pig though.  I know I ate more than both boys combined! LOL  They gave a wonderful picture of themselves in a beautiful frame!  Thank you!
Follow the link below and you will see what else I got from my kiddos!


May. 12th, 2007

Strange Me

My children will attest to the fact that I am a bit strange.  I honestly don't know what this was all about.  I got up about 2:30am.  I remember staggering through the apartment, thirsty.  I remember getting the bowl out, going back to the bedroom and getting the socks out of the drawer, I remember getting the small spoon out and then turning circles in the kitchen and the reaching in and getting the big spoon.  I DON'T remember going and getting the mouthwash.  I remember standing there thinking 'what the hell did you get the bowl out for'.  Then I went back to bed.  I never did get a drink.  I got up this morning and found all of this on the kitchen counter exactly as you see it in the picture.  Now you tell me what the hell I was thinking?


Apr. 5th, 2007

New Jewelry

I made a nice earring and y necklace set tonight.  It's a beautiful shade of blue.

Mar. 29th, 2007

Not good

I have a headache that just won't go away.  I cam home from work early today with it.  I've takne 2 tylenol, 4 excedrin and 2 motrin.  Nothing is helping.  It's not sinus or allergy.  I hurt at the top of my forehead and the top of my head.  I've eaten today.
This is the kind of headache that makes you want to take a sledge hammer to your head to make the pain go away.  I hope these motrin kick in soon so I can get some sleep tonight.  I've slept all of the afternoon and most of the evening.  I feel like I'm in a fog with a knife cutting through the top of it and heavy garbage is seeping through the knife hole.
This concerns me because I don't get headaches very often anymore.  In factg I cannot remember the last time I had one this bad.  Bad enough to make me leave work.

Mar. 28th, 2007


This is absolute bullcrap.  I'm really pissed now.
I just paid off a credit card.  A fairly large balance on this credit card.  I was really happy and proud of myself that I had done this.  I thought I was done with this.  I get a bill in the mail today.  They want MORE money.  I get a statement stating that I owe this amount of money, I pay the entire amount and they want MORE money?????  This is bullcrap.  I called them.  I argued with them.  I told them that I had paid this account off and that it wasn't fair to anyone who has paid off an account to turn around and tell them they owe MORE money.  Thankfully the amount owed is less than $100.  I'll pay them their money, but I will also put a note in it telling them that I think their practices stink.
Damnitall,  I was proud of myself.  I can never be proud for very long before I get shot down again.  And people can't understand why I feel like I'll never get caught up.  I've already set this payment up for payday.  I want this shit out of my hair and my life.  I've paid off 4 bills since the beginning of the year.  Well I thought i had paid off 4.  Now I have only paid off 3.  This burns me so bad.

Mar. 12th, 2007

Happy Dance!!!

Happy, happy, happy dance!!!
I sold my truck tonight!!!  Been waiting for someone to buy it since the middle of November!!
I called Geico tonight!!!
Happy, happy, happy dance!!!!
I get a refund!!!!!
Happy, happy, happy dance!!!!

Mar. 10th, 2007

Kimono Shirt

It didn't turn out exactly the way we wanted it to, but it is still cute. It's going to keep her nice and warm and it's very soft!

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